Saturday, December 20, 2014

Good Bye Koda

Koda, I can’t sleep.  Its too quiet. I’m used to being soothed to sleep by the sound of your steady breath, only to be interrupted once on a while by you changing position….. followed by a big loud sigh, before falling back into your steady breathing.  For the last 7 years you have slept beside me (initially on the floor, or in later years right on the bed with me). You were a funny dog… coming to us 3 and half years into your life already.  Your former families are the ones who lost out. I remember when you came to our house the first time for our home “interview”, you put your paws up on the counter looking for food.  I should have known that was a sign of things to come.  The beginning of 7 years of you stealing food whenever you could. Stealing food, running away, chasing geese and squirrels. You weren’t exactly the best behaved dog…. Twice you got yourself into trouble and needed help. When you fell through the ice on the lake – oh my GOD was I scared.  I still remember the relief I felt when you were finally out of the icy water, back at home in front of the fireplace.  Then there was the time you took off after the geese and got your leash tangled in something at the bottom of the swamp. No, I was not happy with you that day.  But I would trudge into the swamp all over again to save you. This time, though, I couldn’t save you. 
Despite your less-than-stellar-tendencies, you were gentle. And loyal. You were always the one who came to comfort anyone in our house when they were sad.  You let Sebby drive his cars and trains over “Mt. Koda”. When you ran away, you would often be found at the school waiting for the kids to come out. You were the mother to all the animals in the house… getting upset if any of them fought or played too rough. You were full of love and joy.  The word “walk” would always result in perked ears and a dash to the front door with tail wagging (no matter what the weather)

Even towards the end when you didn’t have much energy, your tail would still wag when we walked (albeit much slower than we used to).
Thank you for being my friend for so long. Thank you for choosing us and for giving us so much love.  I hope you are somewhere wonderful now.  I hope your aches and pains have vanished and that your eyesight is back.  I hope you are surrounded by rolling hills and lakes full of ducks to chase.  I hope you have all the treats your heart desires. I love you.


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